US-Russia Relations: Not All Gloom on Zoom

First-Off-the-Blocks Post-Election Prognosis
By Ray McGovern

On Thursday, just as it started to become clear that Biden was likely to win, longtime specialists on Russia discussed what to expect in ties between Washington and Moscow under a Biden administration. (Streamed live, Nov. 5)


Gilbert Doctorow: Russia expert, foreign policy analyst, Brussels
Matthew Ehret: Professor in Montreal; also American University in Moscow
Jim Jatras: Former U.S. diplomat and Senate GOP foreign policy adviser
Peter Kuznick: Professor, American University, Washington, DC
Suzanne Massie: Historian of Russia; adviser to President Reagan
Ray McGovern: former Chief, Soviet Foreign Policy Branch, CIA
Pavel: former interpreter for Michael Gorbachev
Herbert Reginbogin: Professor, Catholic University of America, also American U. in Moscow
Tatjana Zdanoka: Member, European Parliament from Latvia

This Zoom session was part of the “Save the Planet” project, led and moderated by Edward Lozansky, President, American University in Moscow and also Professor, Moscow State and National Research Nuclear Universities

Each of the participants had been asked to speak for 10-12 minutes; a Q & A followed for 17 minutes starting at min. 1:31:55.

Peter Kuzick’s remarks (min. 41:45 to 51:20) were among the most insightful and succinct; Ray’s were more discursive (min. 8:10 to 21:05).