Ex-CIA Director John Brennan: Biting Fingernails for Next 70 Days — or Maybe Less

By Ray McGovern

Siamese twins John Brennan/David Ignatius teamed up yesterday to show, clearly if unwittingly, why the former CIA director is biting his nails to the bone.  Would Trump release sensitive information exposing what actually happened with Russia-gate?  Oops.

Remember: NSA intercepts EVERYTHING electronic; so all Trump has to do is to have the new Acting Secretary of Defense ORDER the NSA director to release materials spelling out chapter and verse on the R-gate cabal headed by Brennan, Comey, and Clapper.

Don’t be misled; virtually all of it can be released with ZERO danger to intelligence “sources and methods”.  But release won’t happen, of course, if Trump confines himself to whining to Fox News — or if he simply “authorizes” release of that key information (he’s already done that — to no effect).

What Brennan fears is that Trump might wake up one day to find that someone has written on his mirror, “Hey, I thought YOU were the president.”  At that point there would be an outside chance he might act like one.

The Establishment media could be expected to mount a Herculean effort to suppress the (highly embarrassing for virtually everyone, including the media) truth about Russia-gate.  They certainly did an amazingly effective job suppressing “Hunter-gate”. The media might even succeed this time around.  But, at least, the documentary evidence would be out there for those who “can handle the truth” — and for courageous historians.  (By the way, there is no suggestion here that such release could or should have any effect the final tabulation of votes.)

True, it would add to the number of enemies already out for Trump’s scalp, and that could increase his legal jeopardy when he has finally gone home, or found refuge in Israel.  But finally ordering the release of such documents, sanitized in those few cases in which that might be necessary, could be the only way to enable those Russia-gate-aficionados-of-open-mind to be informed, in a convincing way, about what actually happened during that dark chapter of our recent history — and perhaps even start to believe in the National Security (aka Deep) State.

November 11, 2020; 14 Minutes