Deep State Top Dogs Escape Accountability as Barr and Durham Fade

An interview with Alexander Mercouris and Ray McGovern

Critical Hour, 2/5/2021, 29 minutes

Issues Addressed

— Why did Attorney General William Barr abandon ship and leave US Attorney John Durham “slowly twisting in the wind”. Barr had appointed Durham in May 2019 to investigate how the FBI got started spying on candidate and later president Trump? By all indications they had the goods on the top dogs, but knew them to be Rottweilers – with a president afraid of dogs

— Why is it that crooked FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith got no jail time and that his bosses seem sure to get off scot-free?  Why does Sen. Chuck Grassley send a tweet mocking the Department of Justice as the Department of “JUST US”?  A longtime leader of the Sen. Judiciary Committee and now ranking member, can he blithely shake off responsibility for what the Department has become. After all, he and his colleagues are supposed to be exercising oversight over that DOJ. During former FBI director Comey’s last testimony, Grassley moved right on to the “next question” when Comey feigned amnesia regarding the key report — briefed to President Obama — from Russian intelligence that Hillary Clinton was the prime mover behind blaming the Russians for, well, for just about everything (now including the Jan. 6 events at the Capitol).

—  Is there no one in the executive, legislative, or judicial branches with oversight responsibilities who feels daring or foolish enough to give more than lip service to overseeing the FBI and the rest of the national security (aka deep) state?  If no one is held accountable for politically-driven, gross interference by the Bureau relating to presidential candidates and sitting presidents, who’s running this country?

— Latest developments in Ukraine were also discussed 7 years after YouTube posted (on Feb. 4,  2014) a conversation showing then-Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland plotting the Feb. 22, 2014 coup in Kiev (aka “the most blatant coup in history).  The intercepted conversation also revealed that President Biden’s choice for National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan and Biden himself were in on the act.