Ukraine-Russia 2.0

By Ray McGovern, May 2, 2021

“Ukraine For Dummies” is the title I gave to a piece I published a year and a half ago ( See: ) to provide some background for those wondering why the news was full of Ukraine and the pundits were full of something else.

On Friday, April 30, I was interviewed by an independent Dutch researcher and journalist Elze van Hamelen for what I might describe as a sequel to “Ukraine For Dummies” — a sort of Cliff’s Notes regarding Ukraine as the center of the storm in recent weeks — a summary with some relevant color for the non-expert. It was a happily relaxed conversation, during which I could elaborate freely on recent postings like these three:

Reviewing the chronology of events over the past five tense weeks, it became clear that several things came to a head on April 13, culminating in President Biden’s very strange call to President Putin. My guess is that it was Putin who called first and left a “voicemail” saying: “Your Ukrainians and the crazies abetting them are playing with fire; please call me — and quickly.”

Lots more was covered in the interview:

— The key role of China — yes, China — a increasingly important factor in the background

— The meretricious “mainstream media” as the anchor, the linchpin of the MICIMATT

— Who’s in charge in Washington?

— Has Russia matched the U.S. in sophisticated weaponry?

— How a kindergarten teacher showed me more wisdom than George Kennan

— Dan Berrigan, simple but profound: “Do the right thing. Results are not unimportant, but they are secondary,” 

I hope listeners enjoy the interview as much as I did.