From JFK to Biden/Khrushchev to Putin

By Ray McGovern (an interview)

“Crikey, this is it folks.” This is how my Scottish interviewer/podcaster Matthew Howland described a long conversation we had on June 25, covering pretty much the waterfront.

I quickly confirmed that “crikey” does not mean BS; then I listened to parts of the interview and was glad I gave the time to this well informed young interviewer. This is how Howland listed most of the topics we covered:

— Ray’s start at the CIA (1963)
— JFK and Allan Dulles
— Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam
— Retirement as USSR fell apart
— 9/11
— Donald Rumsfeld
— Julian Assange
— Hillary Clinton
— The 2016 election, Russia-gate
— Ukraine
— Russia-China relations
— Trump
— Putin
— Biden-Putin Geneva summit

The Scotts may say “crikey”: My Irish cousins might say “not too bad”.