Did Biden Thwart Putin’s ‘Plan” to Invade Ukraine with 175,000 Troops?

By Ray McGovern, Dec. 7, 2021

How easy it has become to see through the transparently thin straw-men U.S. leaders enjoy knocking over, with the full-throated support and applause of what passes for the media. Here, predictably, is The NY Times this morning: “Biden Threatens Putin With Sanctions if Russia Invades Ukraine.”

So, put aside the all-important question: why would Putin, or anyone in their right mind, want to invade Ukraine?
But, you ask, what else would he do with those “175,000 troops” our “intelligence” says are near the border? What else but invade Ukraine?

Can Putin’s plan be thwarted? Of course, and Joe Biden is just the man to face down Putin AND every last one of his 175,000 troops; there are just too many of them to escape detection by satellite imagery by hiding in Potemkin villages. No, Putin, you better not invade, or else! 

It was not hard to see this coming.

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