Russia-US Talks, on The Critical Hour

By Ray McGovern

We picked up where we left off after my mini-debate with Scott Ritter on Friday (See: ).

Tuesday’s interview homed in on what happened in Geneva on Monday, against the backdrop of Scott’s post early Monday morning (See: ) predicting the Geneva talks were “doomed to fail from the start”.

My interview remarks reflected a very different take, as seen in the piece I wrote Monday evening (See:  ).

Also discussed was my feeling of identification with John the Baptizer as a lone voice in the desert. (I don’t mind the loneliness — I’m sort of used to it — and I love wild honey. (The locusts are lousy.) 

On the key U.S.-Russia negotiations issue, it seems Scott and I cannot both be right.  We’ll all know more in a week or two.

A new tidbit today: talking about the bilaterals on Monday, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “It would be naive to think that one round of negotiations can bring comprehensive results”. He described the bilaterals in Geneva as “open, substantive, and direct”. (See: )