Ukraine/U.S./Russia: Current Media Frenzy

By Ray McGovern

On The Critical Hour today, I was asked to discuss the latest drivel from British intelligence about Russia planning a coup in Kyiv, and to put it in context. What came immediately to mind was the spurious British intelligence report of Sept. 2002 warning that Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons that could be used just 45 minutes after he gave the order. ( See: Perfidious Albion Giving Grist to NYT )

That one helped start a war.

Our discussion focused on the truly remarkable performance of the corporate media, incessantly beating the drums for more aggressive action against Putin “if/when Russia invades Ukraine”.

Then, at mid-afternoon came word that the Pentagon had just raised the alert status of 8,500 troops, reportedly to bolster NATO’s Quick Response Force, so I drafted a piece for, which will be the next posting here.