Cold Reality Vs Nonchalant Talk of ‘Using Little Nukes’

What You Really Need to Know About the Threat of Nuclear War

By Ray McGovern, March 26, 2022

Robert Scheer has done us all a service by interviewing MIT Professor Emeritus and former senior Pentagon adviser, Ted Postol, on how vulnerable human life is at this point to extinction by nuclear weapons.  There is quite enough blame to go around; it is a devil’s brew of hubris and ignorance. ( See: )


In my view, this is a must for ADULTS to take in; but it will be too much for CHILDREN; and only very mature ADOLESCENTS will be able to “handle the truth”. But please do forward, however, to anyone advising President Joe Biden — whichever of the above categories they happen to fit into.

Extra Credit

1 — Here is Professor Postol, with Cynthia Lazaroff and Joe Cirincione, addressing the same issues at a recent salon sponsored by the Committee For the Republic on March 17. ( See: “Is Ukraine Our Armageddon”,

2 — My gist of Postol’s remarks on that occasion appears in “Will Humans Be the Next ‘Freedom Fries’?” ( See: