Scott Ritter & Ray on Ukraine: “Russian ‘Incoming’ To Destroy Weapons Coming In”

(Friday Interview on The Critical Hour)

Scott and Ray discuss Russia’s repeated warnings that sending weapons into Ukraine will have “unpredictable consequences” — warnings that need to be taken seriously.

This neuralgic issue now comes to a head, as the U.S. announces $800 million-worth of weapons for Ukraine, and as Russia prepares to launch a major military campaign in south and eastern Ukraine. Scott notes that the circumspection Moscow has shown up until now, in tolerating the transport of outside weaponry — as well as the travel of senior clowns like Boris Johnson — is not likely to last. The new weapons will be destroyed, with the Boris Johnsons of the West made to look foolish.

China’ role is also discussed at some length, including what Biden’s advisers may finally understand (if the world is lucky) as the possibility of a two-front war.  Also: the ramifications of the possible accession to power of Marine Le Pen in France; and whether Chancellor Olaf Scholz may be forced to back down on the snap decisions that reversed decades of German policy on defense, and on sending arms into areas of hostility.