Right-Wing SKYNEWS/Australia Ridicules Zelensky

By Ray McGovern, August 4, 2022

After watching my recent interview on SKYNEWS ( See: https://raymcgovern.com/2022/08/03/rays-likely-last-as-in-final-appearance-on-skynews-australia/ ) an Australian friend sent me this MUST-WATCH, 5-miute video.

You hear the Australian commentator say, “I can’t bite my tongue any longer.”

Well, good for him; and good for SKYNEWS/Australia for allowing him to un-bite his tongue. So many tongues keep getting bitten in Western corporate media outlets that it seems something of a miracle that some commentators do not drown on their own blood.

Also Making Sense, Dmitri Trenin

REQUIRED READING: Dmitri Trenin: Russia cannot afford to lose in Ukraine, but neither can the US – is there a non-nuclear way out of the deadlock? An escalation can lead to a bigger and more dangerous conflict. Are Moscow and Washington ready to take the risk?

By Dmitri Trenin, member of the Russian International Affairs Council

Granted, Trenin is a Russian, but in his case the de rigueur sneer/snub reflexively applied is entirely inappropriate. He is also the former Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center and former research fellow at the NATO Defense College in Rome. Sane Russian specialists in the U.S. (granted, an endangered species) give Trenin the very respectful hearing he has earned over decades.

Making Nonsense: Today’s Blather in the NYT

The BS never stops. Ukraine Builds a Case That Killing of P.O.W.s Was a Russian War Crime

Well, good luck, Kyiv, building that case. Here the Times is adhering to its long tradition of publishing all the news that’s fit to print to get the U.S. into war. The particular drivel from today, however, should earn Times reporters Michael Schwirtz, Christiaan Triebert, Kamila Hrabchuk and Stanislav Kozliuk a ‘Pulitzer Prize for yellow journalism’.

Their article is transparent – not worth the time to debunk in any detail. But just assume that, for some reason, the Russians wanted to kill valuable Ukrainian P.O.W.s who are providing first-hand intelligence on the infamous pro-Nazi Azov troops – first-hand because they are from those same units. Why would the Russians want to kill them? OK, assuming that, for some reason, they did want to kill them, are there not easier ways to do away with P.O.W.s in your custody than to launch a precision missile strike?

The Gray Lady has become a lady of the night.