Peace on Earth, or Humanity’s Doom: The Case for Negotiations

A Discussion NOT Run by the “Think Tank” Part of the MICIMATT
By Ray McGovern, December 17, 2022

Of particular interest were the remarks of independent journalist Eva Bartlett (min. 14:25 to 22:00) and nuclear scientist Professor Steven Starr (min. 1:13:55 to 1:27:17). See below for a discrete segment of my own (often indiscreet) remarks lasting 23 minutes.

I called attention to a few straws in the wind hinting at Kremlin readiness to negotiate, if Zelensky’s puppeteers grasp those straws before Russian forces take Odesa and block Ukraine’s access to the sea. Pope Francis’s offer of Vatican good offices to facilitate talks, together with the possibility of a Christmas ceasefire, offer what may be the last chance for this kind of deal. Then, “no one kills the children any more”. I string together Madeleine Albright-Victoria Nuland-Barack Obama – Vladimir Putin – Pope Francis – Pius XII – Albert Camus – Roger Waters.