Are Scholz & Baerbock on Their Way Aus? 

emails and photos from Saturday Demo in Berlin

The following just in from two German friends in Berlin:

Dear Ray,

On Saturday about 50,000 people demonstrated at Brandenburg Gate against sending more weapons to Ukraine and for beginning negotiations immediately by “making an offer” to the Russian government.  

I believe that the recent work of Seymour Hersh regarding the pipeline, which has been widely reported here, along with the testimony at the UN Security Council Tuesday by Professor Jeffrey Sachs and you may have played an important role in motivating and mobilizing people from all over Germany to take part in the Saturday demonstrations.

This unexpectedly large turnout stands in contrast to the turnout of not more than 10,000 for the rally at Brandenburg Gate on Friday night in favor of Germany sending more arms to Ukraine, which was called by Ukrainian organizations, the Berlin leadership of the three Ampel-Coalition parties (SPD, Green and Left) and NGOs like Campact and Fridays for Future.


Dear Ray,

The initiators of the peace demonstration (Alice Schwarzer and Sahra Wagenknecht) have put their manifesto for peace on Look how many continue to sign it, although it is not to be found if one searches for it on

Since I was at the demonstration I send along two photos in the attachment. By the way, the driver of the car got a criminal complaint “Strafanzeige” by the police because of the inscription on the tank, comparing Scholz and Baierbock with Hitler.

1812 Napoleon

1914 Kaiser Wilhelm

1941 Hitler

2023 Scholz/Baerbock?