Bill Binney and Ray discuss the latest disclosures by WikiLeaks revealing a bizarre arsenal of offensive (in both senses of the word) cyber tools developed by geeks recruited for the CIA cyber center established by former director John Brennan.


Yep, “they” really are keeping track of all of us and what we are doing, and have developed computer technology that can do things like take control of your automobile.  On March 7, after the WikiLeaks release earlier that day, Bill and Ray discussed the release, and more, in a relaxed conversation moderated by WBAI’s Live on the Fly radio host Randy Credico.


WikiLeaks’s trove of information reflects an Orwellian obsession at CIA with cyber/snooping/warfare, but also shows that with respect to defensive measures, CIA’s cyber-warrior geeks are embarrassingly inept.  Small wonder that senior spook managers, White House denizens, and sleepy members of Congress do not like Julian Assange.  They do not like him – not one bit.


Did President Obama know of these activities?  Was his pal John Brennan acting on his own, or perhaps with a presidential wink and smile?  Were Congress’s Intelligence Oversight/Overlook Committees briefed?  And what’s with these rubber-stamp judges of the FISA Court?  Who the hell is running the country anyway?


Bill and Ray banter in a relaxed way on the latest news, adding anecdotes, from their own personal experience, about main players past and present (including those making big bucks serving servile media).  One focus is on the current turmoil in Washington where someone seems to have put something in the water.  It was probably the Russians!