Ray gave a radio interview today about the Deep State and its campaign (assisted by the “mainstream media”) to disable and terminate President Trump (not physically – at least not yet).  In firing FBI Director James Comey and the next day meeting in the White House with Russians portrayed in U.S. media as “spies and thugs,” Trump has thumbed his nose at the Deep State – and the media, as well.  The latter say they are “shocked.”  One has to assume, though, that planning for what some have called a “soft coup” continues.



May 16, 2017 (Ray’s remarks come between minutes 09:45 & 19:00; and then from 19:48 to 39:00)


The Deep State knows “where the bodies are buried,” to use a familiar Washington Establishment and Runyonesque expression.  Will those loyal to Trump be able to find out what has been going on in the CIA/NSA/FBI cabal?  This remains to be seen.  Does CIA Director Pompeo see loyalty to Trump as primary; that is, does it trump (no pun intended) his loyalty to, and fear of, the Deep State?  If so, can Pompeo himself be sabotaged by the cabal?


Ray speculates that the current no-holds-barred campaign to blacken Trump as Putin’s puppet may be, in some degree, a pre-emptive move by the Deep State-cum-media to damage the President beyond repair – to deprive him of all credibility, on the chance he learns some of the gory details (on the leaks, for example) and decides to tell the American people what he is up against.  Would the media report it – or spin it?