Seymour Hersh Honored with Sam Adams Award; Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg were among those taking part (remotely) in the celebration that followed at American University.

An early-dinner ceremony on Sept. 22, at which Seymour Hersh was given the annual Sam Adams Award for Integrity, while less formal than those of most former years, was well attended by Sam Adams Associates and other supporters who came to honor this year’s awardee.  An account of the proceedings, including a photo of Sy with the award citation, is posted at:


Later that evening at the World Beyond War conference at American University, Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence continued to celebrate those who have demonstrated the kind of courage for which the annual award is given.  A highlight was having, as MC of the evening, Annie Machon, a former officer in MI5 (the UK’s FBI equivalent), who years ago blew the whistle on serious wrongdoing in the UK’s secret services and paid the price.


Edward Snowden (Sam Adams awardee in 2013) was live-streamed in, as was Daniel Ellsberg, for the first part of the program.  Then other SAAII members shared remarks out of their own various experiences and perspectives.  Sam Adams Associates were grateful to the World Beyond War and American University for the video recording and the very prompt YouTube postings shared below.


You may find it well worth the time to watch the entire recording.  For convenience, we have broken the various segments down into minutes.


00:01 – 4:30: Guitarist Bryan Cahall with a splendid song


04:30 – Annie Machon, MC of Sam Adams event

09:00 – Elizabeth Murray, remarks and introduction


11:20 – Edward Snowden (by livestream)


12:00 – Edward Snowden (Sam Adams Laureate, 2013)


23:00 – end


23:50 – Annie introduction: Daniel Ellsberg


25:00 – Daniel Ellsberg (via Skype)

34:10 – Ellsberg continues at:

00:01 – to 04:00


04:00 – Annie Machon introduction of next 3 speakers


06:15 – Ann Wright


13:20 – John Kiriakou


20:45 – Ray McGovern


32:00 – Annie Machon introduction of Coleen Rowley and Todd Pierce


32:55 – Coleen Rowley

34:10 – Rowley continues at:

00:01 – to 02:20


02:20 – Todd Pierce


10:30 – Annie Machon concluding remarks


15:15 – end