Full text of Gilbert Doctorow’s talk at National Press Club, Dec. 7, 2017 on his most recent book: DOES THE UNITED STATES HAVE A FUTURE?  — which focuses on U.S.-Russia relation — the dangers and opportunities.

A link to full video coverage of Doctorow’s no-holds-barred talk AND the lively Q&A that ensued was included in our posting yesterday:
The first and the final paragraphs of Doctorow’s speech appear below.

I am going to deliver a talk that will come in at 30 minutes in which I address in greater detail than you will find in the book the connection between the title question and the content of the book. To be more specific, I will explain why a book about the United States failing on the world stage deals so largely with what is happening in Russia.
…I would be content if the chances of accidental or intentional war between these two powers were vastly reduced. This is an objective which I believe is attainable fairly quickly.

The Neocons faulted the détente policy with trying to manage a relationship, a coexistence with the Soviet Union which they believed was the wrong goal, when the destruction of the Soviet Union was achievable.  They were almost right. The Soviet Union collapsed, but of its own weight, due to its own contradictions and the failures of Mikhail Gorbachev’s economic policies.
However, the destruction of Russia, which is arguably the objective of US foreign policy today is unattainable, or comes at the price of collective suicide.  The Russian economy is today very well managed by world class professionals. It is a typically European mixed social and market economy.  Meanwhile, the broad population is mobilized around the leadership and quite patriotic.  We have no choice but to manage relations and coexist with Russia as it is. …
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The Speech and Q&A moderated by Ray McGovern have been posted on youtube:
Gilbert Doctorow is an independent political analyst based in Brussels. His latest book, Does the United States Have a Future? was published on 12 October 2017. Both paperback and e-book versions are available for purchase on www.amazon.com and all affiliated Amazon websites worldwide.