VIPS’ J. Kirk Wiebe, NSA Whistleblower, interviewed by PBS

46 minutes  NOTE: toward the end of the first minute, there is some static — a minor glitch lasting only a few seconds; one can just let the video play on.

The interview offers a poignant, gripping retrospective.  Includes what happens to you, your family, and your colleagues when your superiors trash the Fourth Amendment, you blow the whistle to the Pentagon IG and word gets to the Department of Justice, which orders the FBI to raid your home early one morning — on what are known in advance to be false pretenses.  That was ten years ago, but, clearly, the experience of being violated and betrayed persists.
The FBI, of course, was “just following orders.”  A recent article about the Bureau’s actual record in “just following orders” helps put its behavior in some historical perspective.  See: