Bill Binney Lets It All Hang Out Re Mind-Blowing Corruption at DOJ & FBI, on The Jimmy Dore Show

February 20, 2018  (35 minutes)

Binney, former Technical Director at NSA, is at his relaxed best providing hard-to-believe-but-all-too-real facts about our lawless Deep State, including drawing from his own personal experience.

At minute 12:00 Bill explains that a single warrant — on Carter Page, for example — enables intrusive surveillance of everyone Carter Page in in touch with, and everyone they, in turn, are in touch with.

So was Trump himself “wiretapped,” as he claimed?  No. Technology has rendered that term “quaint” or “obsolete,” to use adjectives favored by Bush Jr.’s lawyer Alberto Gonzales (to characterize those annoying Geneva protections for POWs).

Was Trump surveilled?  What do you think?