Could the German Social Democrats Revert to the Detente-minded Ways of their visionary Willy Brandt? Conceivably, the prompt publication of German translations of VIPS’ and Ray’s articles may lead to a more informed citizenry, since Germany’s “mainstream” media are as hopeless as those in the U.S.

As we reported earlier ( ), the popular German website NachDenkSeiten (NDS) has been posting many of VIPS’ and Ray’s articles, after performing a prompt, professional translation.

Ray got word this morning that NDS has just posted, as lead story on its home page, Ray’s piece on President Putin’s important speech of March 1, “Putin Claims Strategic Parity, Respect” (  ) of March 3.

The NDS link is ; here is the introduction:

Wladimir Putins Ankündigung neuer Waffensysteme zur Schaffung eines nuklearen Gleichgewichts sei das Ergebnis einer Erosion des Rüstungskontrollsystems durch das unkluge Ausscheiden der USA aus dem ABM-Vertrag im Jahr 2002, erklärt Ray McGovern. Josefa Zimmermann hat den Text für die NachDenkSeiten aus dem Englischen übersetzt.
Dieser Beitrag ist auch als Audio-Podcast verfügbar.

You may wish to tell your German speaking friends — especially the ones in Germany, where key political decisions hang in the balance, as we speak (literally).  Will the SPD revert to the East-West detente ways of Willy Brandt?  Or will it choose to remain as junior partner/handmaiden to the CDU/CSU?