UK Radio Hosts Ray on front-burner Issues: poisoning of Sergei Skripal; new low for the UK & U.S. media; House Intel. Committee — the major premise for “Russia-gate” (that Putin favored Trump) is assumption lacking evidence; FBI is still “investigating,” with all deliberate speed, Seth Rich murder; text exchanges between FBI’s Dumb-Strzok and mistress Lisa Page; Gina Haspel, torturer-in-chief of the first CIA “black site,” who ordered videos of the torture sessions destroyed, now picked to be CIA director; and, finally, Sen. Richard Burr, head of Intel. Committee, who ordered all copies of the explosive Senate investigation of CIA torture released in Dec. 2014 returned to him.

Ides of March 2018 — 56 minutes (excluding break between minutes 25:35 and 27:25)

Ray welcomed the chance to address more immediate issues, against the backdrop of his more historically oriented recent discussions with Scott Horton.