Casablanca Reprise

Intelligence IG Fixed the Goalposts; Now Welcomes Hearsay 
By Ray McGovern

John Kiriakou and Ray made cameo appearances on Russian TV this morning discussing the “whistleblower” who, like Captain Renault in Casablanca, was “shocked, shocked to find” that unsavory activity was going on in the Washington CasaBlanca.

Whistling in the Dark  (8 minutes)

RT/Intl presenter Murad Gazdiev out-Rachels Maddow with documentary evidence strongly suggesting chicanery by the man behind the curtain — Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson himself.

If the others behind the curtain pulled a trick on Atkinson and kept him whistling in the dark,  … well, does anyone ever quit on principle these days?

Was the IG himself a party to this?  Is there no limit to the depredations of these amateur miscreants?  Did they really think they could get away with this one?

AS for RT, small wonder the Establishment abhors RT’s attempts to “influence” people by reporting documentary information.

Neither John nor Ray are holding their breaths for a call from CNN, or MSNBC — or even, sadly, from Amy Goodman.