Ray McGovern wishes to acknowledge and apologize for a significant mistake he made during his Feb. 10, 2020 interview with Heather Gray  The interview was posted here on Feb. 14.  That post was taken down yesterday as soon as we became aware of the error.

The Feb. 10 interview was pegged to the news that the FBI had recently acknowledged having correspondence relating to Seth Rich, whereas earlier the Bureau had denied having such correspondence.  In this context, Ray referred to the recorded conversation between Seymour Hersh and Edward Butkowsky and said, erroneously, that not only Seth Rich but also his brother Aaron Rich had been in correspondence with WikiLeaks.  In fact, Aaron Rich’s name was not mentioned in the Hersh-Butowsky conversation.

Ray was relying on hazy memories going back to 2016 and conflating unconfirmed information from media reporting around that time. He erred in attributing to Hersh things that Hersh did not say during that conversation with Edward Butowsky.  As this readers of this site know, Ray is seldom so sloppy as to make such a significant mistake.  All the more is his embarrassment and regret at having misquoted Hersh by including the name of Seth Rich’s brother Aaron.