Confronting the Unspeakable: Who’s to Blame for the New Cold War?

By Ray McGovern

In a recent speech by Scott Horton of ( See: ), Horton reviewed some recent history, presenting evidence that many others are reluctant even to mention, much less to put together.
Many of the relevant “dots” so to speak, are completely unknown to readers of the NY Times and other Establishment media, but are not hard to find elsewhere.  Scott connects those dots.  In doing so, he joins the company of highly respected historians, like Professor Stephen Cohen, in a way that will surprise — and perhaps even educate those readers able to see through the Russia, Russia, Russia propaganda churned out by the fawning corporate media over recent years.

FAIR WARNING: Although Horton’s narrative is based on fact, it may come as too much of shock to those like Rep. Jason Crow (D, Colorado), who claims “Vladimir Putin wakes up every morning and goes to bed every night trying to figure out how to destroy American democracy.” Nor do Horton’s findings mesh well with the dictum that “All roads lead to Putin,” that was part of what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, taking on the role of the president’s daily briefer, told President Trump on October 16, 2019.